[Slackbuilds-users] PokerTH revisited in 14.2 and -current

Lenard Spencer lspencer31 at cfl.rr.com
Sun Sep 24 17:05:16 UTC 2017

With all the new goodies added and upgraded in -current, I had to go 
back and rebuild a few things.  Things were going good until I got to 
PokerTH, when it bombed out on an ambiguous 'advance()' call into the 
boost library, much like the earlier 'ifstream()' and 'ofstream()' calls 
did.  The advance() call is only made once, so here is a simple patch to 
fix that:

diff -Naur PokerTH-1.1.1-src/src/gui/qt/gametable/gametableimpl.cpp 
--- PokerTH-1.1.1-src.orig/src/gui/qt/gametable/gametableimpl.cpp 
2014-01-10 16:18:20.788643125 -0500
+++ PokerTH-1.1.1-src/src/gui/qt/gametable/gametableimpl.cpp 2017-09-24 
12:20:07.042925701 -0400
@@ -3859,7 +3859,7 @@
      int playerCount = static_cast<int>(seatList->size());
      if (id < playerCount) {
          PlayerListIterator pos = seatList->begin();
-        advance(pos, id);
+        std::advance(pos, id);

I have tested it for quite a while, and so far I have found no problems 
with it.  Even invoking pokerth from a terminal window doesn't produce 
any squawks.

As for 14.2 stable, the 'std-ifstream-and-std-ofstream.patch is 
necessary because of the change in the python imaging library (from the 
old PIL in 14.1 to pillow in 14.2).  So that patch should probably 
incorporated into 14.2 and master.

I have cc'ed the maintainer, and if it is OK with him I would like to 
take over maintainership of it.

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