[Slackbuilds-users] qt5 is sorely in need of an update

David Woodfall dave at dawoodfall.net
Sun Aug 5 09:44:23 UTC 2018

On Sunday 5 August 2018 04:35,
B Watson <yalhcru at gmail.com> put forth the proposition:
> On 8/5/18, David Woodfall <dave at dawoodfall.net> wrote:
> >
> > Rather than legacy I'm thinking LTS ought to be the base branch, then
> > a -dev to keep up with the latest. LTS is around 5.9.6 for Qt itself.
> Ugh, don't call it -dev, you'll confuse new users coming from
> Debian/Redhat. They'll think it's the "development" package, and that
> they need qt5 and qt5-dev both installed to be able to compile stuff
> with it...
> Maybe -staging (like wine-staging), or -latest? Probably a bad idea to
> call it -current (that name's obviously already used for something else).

Good point.

My thoughts are at the moment - update Qt5 to LTS, add the -staging
(or whatever) package, and not bother with -legacy unless someone
actually has something that really needs 5.7.1, then I'll add it back

IIRC sip and PyQt5 don't have any kind of LTS versions, but I've used
whatever stable versions have been on the guy's site, and they seem
to work with everything I've built so far.

As for qt5-webkit, I'll try to find what is the LTS version, if there
is one, but I'd advise anyone wanting to use it to only use it for
projects that need some kind of embedded browser for local files etc.
It has too many holes in it to use on the internet at large. For that
I'd recommend my qt5-webkit-annulen if possible, but even that is
going to be dropped by eg qutebrowser because webengine (the bundled
Qt5 browser engine) is more up-to-date and keeps up-to-date with
security patches etc. (it has 3rd party Chromium code for one thing).


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