[Slackbuilds-users] Missing and incorrect libreoffice dependencies.

orbea at fredslev.dk orbea at fredslev.dk
Sat Aug 11 14:20:19 UTC 2018


Its been bugging me for a long time that the LibreOffice from source
SlackBuild has both incorrect and many missing optional dependencies.

The only required dependency is:


The following dependencies are erroneously marked as required and
libreoffice will either work fine without them or can provide their own
internal versions.

  python3, apache-ant, openjdk

Here is a list of dependencies available at SBo which libreoffice can
use and are not currently listed.

  CoinMP, cppunit, glm, libabw, libcdr, libcmis, libe-book,
  libeot, libepubgen, libetonyek, libexttextcat, libfreehand,
  liblangtag, libmspub, libmwaw, liborcus, libpagemaker, libqxp,
  libstaroffice, libtommath, libwps, libzmf, lpsolve, mdds,
  mysql-connector-c++, mythes, postgresql, qt5, valgrind, ucpp

Also an optional dependency which can not currently be used is:


It would require harfbuzz in the main tree to be rebuilt with graphite2.

Additionally here is a list of optional dependencies in the main tree
that libreoffice is not currently using:

  apr, bluez, bzip2, clucene, libepoxy, libodfgen, openldap-client

Can this please be fixed?


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