[Slackbuilds-users] Missing and incorrect libreoffice dependencies.

Christoph Willing chris.willing at linux.com
Mon Aug 13 01:27:22 UTC 2018

On 12/08/18 00:20, orbea at fredslev.dk wrote:
> Hi,
> Its been bugging me for a long time that the LibreOffice from source
> SlackBuild has both incorrect and many missing optional dependencies.
Hi Hunter,

Yes it has been a long time; you've been complaining at LQ for about two
years now despite my various attempts to explain the current
arrangement. I'll try again, after which could we just agree to disagree?

> The only required dependency is:
>   perl-Archive-Zip
> The following dependencies are erroneously marked as required and
> libreoffice will either work fine without them or can provide their own
> internal versions.
>   python3, apache-ant, openjdk
In general, most software is able to be built with or without a number
of options. Some people seem to believe that building software (hence
SlackBuilds) with the fewest possible options enabled is better (by some
metric). I don't agree with this philosophy and usually build with all
practicable options to ensure maximum feature availability. In the case
of LibreOffice, this is alluded to in the README which states:
    "In seeking a fully functional LibreOffice, most optional features
are included by default."

Please note the use of "fully functional". While it is, of course,
possible to restrict the functionality to suit your personally use case,
I don't believe that is an appropriate approach for a general purpose
"release". As an advanced user, you are more than capable of modifying
the SlackBuild to suit yourself or, as you already have, create and
publish your own SlackBuild which includes/excludes whatever you like.

The README goes on to mention a few environment variables that may be
set in order to change the default build, some of which (VLC, AVAHI)
have been at your suggestion. There is also a JAVA variable which may be
set, including JAVA=no for those who know they don't need its
functionality. I won't go on - I'm sure you've read the README and so
already know these things.

BTW, you will also know from the libreoffice email list that work is in
progress to remove the current java dependency. When this is complete, I
will remove the requirement for any java (and related apache-ant).

The requirement for python3 relates to a personal use case that is not
satisfied by the "internal" python3. I'll continue to exercise my
prerogative as maintainer to keep python3 as a requirement. It certainly
doesn't reduce functionality and is so common that many (most?) users
will already have it installed.

> Here is a list of dependencies available at SBo which libreoffice can
> use and are not currently listed.
>   CoinMP, cppunit, glm, libabw, libcdr, libcmis, libe-book,
>   libeot, libepubgen, libetonyek, libexttextcat, libfreehand,
>   liblangtag, libmspub, libmwaw, liborcus, libpagemaker, libqxp,
>   libstaroffice, libtommath, libwps, libzmf, lpsolve, mdds,
>   mysql-connector-c++, mythes, postgresql, qt5, valgrind, ucpp
I'm not sure what you mean with this list. I guess that you mean that
are SBo packages for each of them which could be used instead of the
internal LO versions? Adding them all as requirements would make a
pretty onerous build queue. Making them all selectable via environment
variables would make for an equally onerous command line for the average
builder. The majority are already included (using internal versions) in
the default build as I don't believe the average builder/user should
have to decide whether they want to include each individual item.

If a user has a particular problem with a particular supporting software
package that can be fixed by a change to the SlackBuild (without
detriment to everyone else), I'm happy to include it.

> Also an optional dependency which can not currently be used is:
>   graphite2
> It would require harfbuzz in the main tree to be rebuilt with graphite2.
I'm not sure what to do with that statement. Are you suggesting anything
in particular for the SlackBuild?

> Additionally here is a list of optional dependencies in the main tree
> that libreoffice is not currently using:
>   apr, bluez, bzip2, clucene, libepoxy, libodfgen, openldap-client
> Can this please be fixed?
You mean e.g. --with-system-apr etc.? Yes, I'll fix those. Thanks for
mentioning them.


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