[Slackbuilds-users] Serious regression on Github archive URLs

David Spencer idlemoor at slackbuilds.org
Sat Aug 18 09:36:49 UTC 2018

Hey folks,

Github has just broken the download of about 1000 of our SlackBuilds.

If you get problems downloading with wget, or curl, or sbopkg, there are
2 things you can do:

(1) Download manually with a browser -- this still seems to work; or
(2) Visit sbosrcarch at http://slackware.uk/sbosrcarch/by-name/

Below is the text of a grumpy email I just sent to Github support.

Have a great day everybody!



Within the last 24 hours, for every repo on Github, archive URLS of the form


have stopped working. They now return 404 from within
codeload.github.com even though the github.com front end still accepts
them as valid.

I've attached a log for a typical test case:


Strangely, this works for manual downloads within some browsers, but it
is a serious regression that this suddenly no longer works with
scriptable downloaders like curl and wget.

As far as we can determine, every repo in Github is affected.

Please advise.


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