[Slackbuilds-users] [Pull Request] network/Riot-web

psychi psychi2009 at gmail.com
Wed Dec 19 01:40:00 UTC 2018

Hi repo admins,

Here is the update of  Riot-web's slackbuild I maintained , sent as pull
request to the SBo repo on Gitlab.com .


1. fa73cbb0280da44ee3fa7f7aac6cd398e419d896
2. a60a90d5f292d6f6b77e6da806caac3eb8e1a488

See if this works. (They are PGP verified)
Many thanks

Psychi (mdrights)

*[PGP key]*
04FD A83E F2D3 1DAE 43AC  CCC4 F04F AA0B 9F11 6EF5

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