[Slackbuilds-users] log4net failure and dbus-sharp epic fail and unneeded cryptoki

Ed Ender skaendo at excite.com
Sun Feb 4 01:01:59 UTC 2018

Hey Donald,

 I had to downgrade mono to in order to get dbus-sharp to build.
I don't know if this is the optimal way to do this but it is what I found to work.

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From: "Donald Cooley" [chytraeu at sdf.org]
Date: 02/03/2018 05:06 PM
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Subject: [Slackbuilds-users] log4net failure and dbus-sharp epic fail and
 unneeded cryptoki

log4net fails to build with the 2.0.7 and the more recent 2.0.8 releases.

I only care because I have been beating my head against the table for
the better part of the day trying to get dbus-sharp to build.

I opened a bug report last year for dbus-sharp here:

As smuxi and dbus-sharp-glib at slackbuilds.org are the only packages
that depend on dbus-sharp, I am now trying to build smuxi and see if it
has a hard dependency on it.

I personally would like to remove dbus-sharp and dbus-sharp-glib if they
are no longer needed since ostensibly smuxi is the only package that
needs them.

I have applied a patch from Debian and patches from Fedora 27 to try and
get dbus-sharp to compile but I *still* get the same error as I did last

Also, can cryptoki be removed because truecrypt is dead and cryptoki is
no longer useful?

Donald Cooley
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