[Slackbuilds-users] package submission

Ythogtha yth at ythogtha.org
Wed Feb 7 15:04:35 UTC 2018

> >> Just to satisfy my curiosity, is the SBo git repo open to 
> >> external
> >> contributors ?
> >
> > Only When Thou Hast Been Deemed Worthy, petit scarabée !
> :)
> So it useless to clone the git repo and work with it to update any 
> SBo (for later submission), right ?
> I'd better get the packages I want to contribute (or take over 
> maintainership if applicable) than cloning the full repo 
> presumably.

Well, I do clone the repo, mostly for the purpose of using it, and building
packages for my own use.
	But I use a set of homemade scripts (which I'm trying to clean and make
available for everybody) to help me with submissions, looking up differences
between my own slackbuilds and the commited ones, mostly to make sure of what I
have been doing while tweaking the code before submitting.
	And to make sure my auto-build tool uses my version instead of the SBo

	I guess everyone has its own workflow, you could also work on a local
branch to keep track of your work.
	The workflow would have been easier with mercurial instead of git,
because git disallow uncommited local changes before pulling changes, you have
to stash or do dark magic stuffs, while mercurial would merge, let you know if
there seems to be a conflict, and keep track of everything elegangtly, without
you having to commit anything, all while being up-to-date with upstream.

Arnaud <yth at ythogtha.org>

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