[Slackbuilds-users] lilo

Tim Dickson dickson.tim at googlemail.com
Fri Feb 16 10:38:58 UTC 2018

hi all, this may be off-topic,  as lilo comes with slackware, but I have 
created a patch to allow lilo to work with nvme disks. I am working on 
patching liloconf  to do the same.there are 2 questions I have, as lilo 
is "no longer developed" - but works just fine - apart from for nvme 
disks :-)
1. what is the best way of seeing if patrick is interested in the patch, and
2. is anyone interested in testing the patch?
At the moment I have patched the source for lilo, and after manually 
configuring the lilo.conf it works for me, but I only have 1 nvme disk, 
so am not sure how it presents for multiple nvme "disks".
a quick
dd if=/dev/nvme0n1 bs=512 count=1|grep LILO
  comes up with a match. where previously I had to use sys/extlinux as 
lilo refused to work.
specifically if someone has more than 1 nvme drive i am interested in 
the output from
cat /proc/devices
cat /proc/partitions

many thanks, Tim

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