[Slackbuilds-users] Is it worthwhile for a ports like package manager for Slackware

Didier Spaier didier at slint.fr
Sun Feb 18 10:28:34 UTC 2018


Le 18/02/2018 à 10:52, Jheengut Pritvi a écrit :
<<snip>>> My supposition  is the ability to manage packages from a singular
> command from maybe multiple binary repo and source repo.
> Slackware is meant to be installed as a whole.
> What if you want the simplicity of Slackware and the ability to
> install a small base along with with a few other packages and optimize
> it with reduced dependencies for new packages. This is a lot to ask,
> other distro offer some of these options but gives you too much
> overhead and headache.
> The answer might lie in using something else, I am unable to put it in words,..

A possible answer is spi from George Vlahavas:

>From the README:

> spi (Salix Package Installer) is a command line tool that acts as a
> wrapper around slapt-get and slapt-src.
> It searches both package (slapt-get) and SlackBuild (slapt-get) local
> caches for software. It can also update both local caches.
> When installing software, if a package is available through slapt-get,
> it will install it, otherwise it will install it through slapt-src. If
> any SlackBuild dependencies are available through slapt-get, it will
> install them through slapt-get.

slap-src, slapt-get, their GUIs gslapt and sourcery and spi are included
in Salix, Slackel and Slint and usable on Slackware. All command-line
tools have associated man pages.

Several packages repositories can be used with priorities and automatic
dependencies management is provided and optional. Usual caveat for these
features: know what you are doing and be aware of the limitations of the

If you want to begin with a small base (as do Salix and Slackel) you
will need dependency information about genuine Slackware packages.
To do that, just include as SOURCE in /etc/slapt-get/slapt-getrc e.g.
this repository: http://slackware.uk/salix/x86_64/slackware-14.2/
as George has computed the deps listed in PACKAGES.TXT in the PACKAGE

Some other repos also provided this information as e.g. the repositories
sbrepos kindly provided by Eric:

Be aware though that deps can vary upon the environment in which the
package has been built. For instance sbrepos assume a full Slackware
installation hence only list dependencies beyond that.

And in case anyone wonders: this post is *not* a request to include
these tools in Slackware.

Have a good day,


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