[Slackbuilds-users] [libreoffice] The lack of symlinks loxxx prevent opening of documents with Xfe

Sebastien BALLET slacker6896 at gmail.com
Fri Jan 5 15:54:35 UTC 2018


Xfe file manager includes file associations to open documents supported by
libreoffice with programs named: lobase, localc, lodraw, loimpress, lomath
and lowriter.

However, the libreoffice package (the one which repackage official binary)
does not include binaries/symlinks/wrappers with those names, which force
user to create new file associations to be able to directly open documents
supported by libreoffice with Xfe.

The patch below (also in attachment) fixes this issue:

--- libreoffice.SlackBuild.orig    2018-01-05 16:05:48.350088453 +0100
+++ libreoffice.SlackBuild    2018-01-05 16:34:16.348164664 +0100
@@ -119,6 +119,17 @@
       rm -f $FILE
       ln -sf ../../opt/libreoffice$SRCSHORT/program/$FILE $FILE ;
+  # The symlinks below are required to (directly) open documents
+  # supported by libreoffice with Xfe file manager.
+  ln -sf ../../opt/libreoffice$SRCSHORT/program/sbase    lobase
+  ln -sf ../../opt/libreoffice$SRCSHORT/program/scalc    localc
+  ln -sf ../../opt/libreoffice$SRCSHORT/program/sdraw    lodraw
+  ln -sf ../../opt/libreoffice$SRCSHORT/program/simpress loimpress
+  ln -sf ../../opt/libreoffice$SRCSHORT/program/smath    lomath
+  ln -sf ../../opt/libreoffice$SRCSHORT/program/swriter  lowriter
 cd -

 # Remove DejaVu and Liberation fonts - these are included in other packages

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