[Slackbuilds-users] bpp-phyl build fail

David Spencer baildon.research at googlemail.com
Sun Jan 14 23:16:11 UTC 2018

Hi Petar,

> i am planning a minor update of bppsuite and its deps. Everything
> compiles fine on Slackware64, however, compilation of bpp-phyl breaks
> on 32bit. Here's the build log:
> https://www.dropbox.com/s/23gel6zmv6ot91g/bpp-phyl.log?dl=0
> I contacted the developers and they said it is probably a compiler
> problem. Any ideas?

Ok I reproduced your problem here.
So, I tried replacing g++ with clang [1], and it failed.

The clang error messages are more helpful than the gcc error messages.
It looks like this is a coding error, *not* a compiler error. For

In file included from
error: virtual function 'getModelStates' has a different return type
      ('vector<unsigned long>') than the function it overrides (which
has return type 'vector<size_t>')
    std::vector<long unsigned int> getModelStates(int i) const
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ^
note: overridden virtual function is here
    std::vector<size_t> getModelStates(int code) const { return
getModel().getModelStates(code); }
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ^


In file included from
error: no viable conversion from returned value of type
'vector<size_t>' to function
      return type 'vector<unsigned long>'
      return AbstractWrappedSubstitutionModel::getModelStates(i);
note: candidate constructor not viable: no known conversion from
      'std::vector<size_t>' (aka 'vector<unsigned int>') to 'const
std::vector<unsigned long, std::allocator<unsigned long> > &' for 1st
      vector(const vector& __x)

Full log at https://pastebin.com/RXbpNcSN
Thanks for testing on 32 bit :-)

[1] 'export CXX=clang' before the cmake command

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