[Slackbuilds-users] using SlackBuilds listserv/newsgroup and sbopkg?

Didier Spaier didier at slint.fr
Fri Jan 19 14:53:22 UTC 2018

Quoted lines from David Melik:
> He commented, he knows how he could easily alter installers so they fit or even automatically resize to largest VESA text modes and newer screens, but said he's 'too busy slacking' (yet deals with this in the installer and sbopkg, agrees with me) then switched to avoiding computers except at work, and using some newer garbage systemd distro.  After he told me, I spent hours looking in the sbopkg code (maybe even Slackware installer,) reading about Dialog, maybe even tried a couple things
> (didn't work,) but it was just too difficult for me to be able to resize.  Would anyone else be able to try that and submit patches?

No need to patch anything

Just run sbopkg or any other dialog based (or not) application in fbterm or in mlterm-fb.
If you have an x86_64 system you will find packages here:
Else the sources are in these directories:

A SlackBuild for fbterm from B. Watson is available @ SBo (that's the one I use in Slint):

The simplest to use is fbterm. For a font size 40 (huge!), just type in a tty (NOT in a terminal for X, that won't work):
fbterm -s 40
then run sbopkg or any other dialog application like pkgtool or xwmconfig, you will have huge and beautiful ttf fonts.

If you get a "freezed" terminal after the fbterm command it can be because the "good" framebuffer is /dev/fb1 instead of /dev/fb0. Then exit with Ctrl+d and type:
FRAMEBUFFER=/dev/fb1 fbterm -s 40

Check that you have a proper framebuffer to use fbterm with this command, typed in a tty:
this command is included in the fbterm package.

The same apply to mlterm-fb.
Read the docs in /usr/doc/fbtrem-1.8 and /usr/doc/mlterm-1.8.4 after installation.

For the previous Slint version (14.1) I modified the installer to automatically adapt the font size to the screen's dimensions, using fbterm.
You can get a full ISO here:
Or just the installer there:

I can't answer to your issues about sbopkg, that I don't use.



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