[Slackbuilds-users] VLC build for Slackware 14.2

Christoph Willing chris.willing at iinet.net.au
Wed Jan 24 12:11:07 UTC 2018

On 24/01/18 12:46, Aubrey Legendre wrote:
> Hey guys, I hope I'm not sending this to the wrong group, please excuse
> me if it's not correct.
> I have installed full version of all software for Slackware 14.2, not
> added anything other than what's on the install disk

Hi Aubrey,

I hope you also installed the numerous patches issued since the install
disk was released so that your system is fully up to date. Many of these
patches address security issues.

Apart from the security issues,
    "All of our scripts are written and tested for usage on the latest
stable release of Slackware with full installation and updated with
latest patches; ..."
(from: https://slackbuilds.org/howto/).

> Then I came to
> slackbuilds.org to get everything needed to build VLC.  In the list of
> dependencies is QT5.  I compiled it (and it's dependencies) and I think
> it breaks something for QT4 that's already installed, and this disables
> VLC from compiling.  Once I removed the QT5 package, then reinstalled
> the QT4 package from install disk, and re-compiled VLC again, it works.
Some sensitivity to Qt versions is already mentioned in the vlc
SlackBuild's README and the SlackBuild uses Qt5 by default, not Qt4, so
it's unclear why anything to do with Qt4 is affecting your build of vlc.
However I'm reluctant to delve too deeply until we know the problem
still exists even when your system is fully up to date.


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