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King Beowulf kingbeowulf at gmail.com
Thu Jan 25 17:40:45 UTC 2018

On 01/24/2018 10:01 PM, Erik Hanson wrote:
> On 01/24/2018 07:06 PM, Fernando Lopez wrote:
>> i know... but why to remove it from the search bar... now i have to do
>> an extra step...
> Add a search bookmark to your browser, and then you have one less step
> from before. For years I've had it so I can type "sbo whatever" in the
> address field and it goes straight to the search results, in Chrome,
> Firefox, etc. You've been given tools to make life easier, you should
> use them.
> That aside, the search box caused broken layout for many people, for as
> long as it existed. It's neigh-on-impossible to wedge a form element
> into an existing layout, because apparently every browser has some
> slightly different way of rendering things, and there's just no good way
> around it. Many attempts were made, and it could look good for one
> person in a specific browser, but broken/ugly for everyone else. The
> move to a separate search page is, in my opinion, a necessary compromise.
> For anyone confused or angry about the recent changes, let me explain
> the motivation. The old CSS used a fixed width, a mix of scaled and
> fixed font sizes, .gif files for graphics, and these things caused it to
> not render correctly for a lot of people. The search box was
> frankensteined in at some point, and it never really "fit in" in a lot
> of use cases. For me, it always seemed to hang off the right side.
> The CSS changes are meant to fix these issues, making the site render
> consistently across browsers, mobile or desktop, minimum font sizes,
> zoom levels, large and small displays with low or high DPIs, etc. This
> is an attempt to make things better for everyone, and I genuinely hope
> people can see that.



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