[Slackbuilds-users] conky-1.10.7 breaks i3's conkybar

Roy Lanek roy.lanek at yandex.com
Sat Jan 27 09:07:20 UTC 2018

> IMHO, you should show your configuration file to the conky people
> asking them for any changes in the output with the new version.

Could also do that, but it worked till now, i.e. since years
inclusive the to lua formatting which is now 01+ years old if I
am not mistaken. What did differentially change WITHIN conky with
the last upgrade?

It would bring you zero, in fact, as an aside, I have quickly
tried already [will have more time later, now not so much] with a
trivially *empty* configuration, thinking to then incrementally
add entries to the file, but no changes, even an *empty* config
is rejected => conky's problem 99%.

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