[Slackbuilds-users] Package as a whole or in different parts

Xavier Maillard xavier at maillard.im
Tue Jan 30 19:32:01 UTC 2018


I am willing to submit a new SBo for a project I am supporting and 
I have a few questions.
The project is SaT -i.e. Salut a Toi, an XMPP client.

It comes with a daemon, sat (the backend) and a few frontend 
clients (primitivus, jp, etc.)

As I do not want to go the wrong way and I want to stick with the 
KISS philosophy, I am just asking here: how would you package this 
? As a whole sat SBo build script, as 2 SBo (one for the backend 
and one for the frontends), as many different SBo scripts (one for 
the backend and one per frontend) ?

What's your opinion on this ?


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