[Slackbuilds-users] Giving up maintainership of my slackbuiilds

Leonard Schmidt lems at gmx.net
Mon Jul 2 12:46:10 UTC 2018

David Spencer writes:
>> Dear subscribers of slackbuilds-users@,
>> I'm giving up maintainership of my slackbuilds.  Please either
>> remove them from SlackBuilds.org or let someone else take them
>> over.
>There's one really important thing that we haven't said yet:
>*Thank you* Leonard for your contributions, I hope everybody takes good
>care of your stuff :)

Thank you for your kind words, David! I fear I wasn't that good
a maintainer, my scripts often had to be adjusted (I keep a git
repository of my scripts and diff against SBo git master).

I hope someone more capable will take care of them. And thanks to
those who have already done so, it is highly appreciated!

I have now been using Slackware for full five years on the desktop.
But enough is enough: Slackware is seriously, *seriously* stuck
in the nineties. I mean, really!

I'm just kidding, of course. It has been a lot of fun, and I also
learnt quite a lot. I will keep a "bare metal" installation of
Slackware64 around on my old Pentium IV system.

Generally though, my priorities changed now that I've become a
(born-again) Christian, so I'm cutting back a bit on computer

I wish Slackware and the SlackBuilds.org project all the best, it
was and is certainly a pleasant community with friendly and
helpful people.



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