[Slackbuilds-users] qt5 is sorely in need of an update

orbea at fredslev.dk orbea at fredslev.dk
Tue Jul 3 13:50:42 UTC 2018

Is there any news on updating Qt5? The version 5.7.1 is EOL and has
known security issues that will not be fixed. Slackware is also the
only distro terrible enough to use 5.7.1 according to repology.


To be blunt, software that will fail with a supported release of Qt5
should be outright removed and Qt5 should be updated before the next
weekly update. Its outright insulting that SBo would leave this issue
unattended for so long.

In the event that SBo is not willing to fix this asap (And I'm not
willing to maintain Qt5) then I will exclusively support only
AlienBob's Qt5 package for my own scripts and there will be no
expectations that the Qt5 package at SBo will work or even should be

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