[Slackbuilds-users] [OT] Screen grabber ?

Karel Venken k.venken at online.be
Wed Jul 4 18:37:57 UTC 2018

Xavier Maillard wrote:
> Hello buddies,
> I am using a GPD pocket device and I am pretty happy with it running
> pretty exclusively in the linux console.
> I am debugging a tool which does not react correctly when trying to
> interrupt it. The project owner would like me to give him 1) the way
> to reproduce the problem and 2) a "screenshot".
> I tried to look for a tool from the SBo repository but as far as I
> know, there is not such tool.
> What would you recommend ? (I would then give a slackbuild script).
> Thank you
I am using xwd (standard available in Slackware 14.1).

xwd -root -display :0 -out screendump

You can then view the result with xv or xwud.


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