[Slackbuilds-users] qt5 is sorely in need of an update

orbea at fredslev.dk orbea at fredslev.dk
Sun Jul 8 03:46:54 UTC 2018

Well I hit a roadblock with Qt-5.11 on 14.2.

With '-system-harfbuzz' it bails on configure because harfbuzz is too
old, with '-qt-harfbuzz' it fails to build late in the ninja stage and
with '-no-harfbuzz' it around the same place with errors indicating it
misses harfbuzz. The obvious solution would be to update harfbuzz, but
that is easier said than done for 14.2.

Also I forgot to mention enum34 is a new dependency of PyQt5,
fortunately the version at SBo is both up to date and adequate.

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