[Slackbuilds-users] Updates - 20180717.1

David Spencer idlemoor at slackbuilds.org
Wed Jul 18 23:26:04 UTC 2018

On 18/07/18 22:35, Edinaldo wrote:
> desktop/smaragd
> missing quotation marks in download URL:
> DOWNLOAD=https://dl.opendesktop.org/api/files/downloadfile/id/1483453851/s/275ae1d5d11179944d5eade8383cc546/t/1531675391/u//125162-smaragd-0.0.7.tar.gz"
> After correct, i get wrong MD5SUM:
>   MD5SUM check for 125162-smaragd-0.0.7.tar.gz ... FAILED!
>     Expected: 2288a0a333b43d635eb476c256b1b01d
>     Found:    6d08f8cfabc9d37ad5a27c8f13463a25
> Here's hash MD5 does not match when download by wget too:
> c659a6cc3933f640121292c790865b48
> 84c594ec90366a43f3fbab2cdddc95c4

Damn, the quotation mark is my fault, sorry :(

Unfortunately it looks like some of the download URLs at opendesktop.org
and its many aliases (store.kde.org etc) that I tried to fix contain a
temporary session ID that is globally valid for a limited time.

Also, it sends a HTML document instead of a redirect or an error page,
which causes the md5sum failure. *All* the opendesktop.org downloads are
currently broken.

I'll upload the correct tarballs for smaragd and all the others to SBo
Direct Links and push fixes to my branch for the next public update.

Thanks Edinaldo for telling us :)

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