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orbea at fredslev.dk orbea at fredslev.dk
Mon Jul 30 17:46:12 UTC 2018


I've noticed that the libretro port for snes9x is working upstream and
its possible to use that instead of the snes9x-libretro fork from the
libretro github repo.

Would you be willing to add the libretro build in your script so that
snes9x-libretro can be removed and SBo can then benefit from stable
releases. This will require only one new optional runtime dependency,
RetroArch, which is the frontend to run libretro cores. Other libretro
frontends would also potentially work, but I'm not sure any of them
have been tested in Slackware before.

This can be tested with:

retroarch -L /usr/lib64/libretro/snes9x_libretro.so /path/to/game.sfc

Or with 32-bit installs it will be /usr/lib/libretro/snes9x_libretro.so.

Alternatively it can be loaded via the RetroArch gui too.

If the user does not have RetroArch its perfectly safe to ignore the
libretro core and just use the gtk+ standalone frontend.

Some things to note is that the libretro core does not build for 14.2
and only does for current, but upstream fixed this very quickly when I
reported it and the attached patch applies fine to the current stable
release. Also I have added the info file from libretro-super to the
sources which is required for correct operation with RetroArch which
will be installed to:


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