[Slackbuilds-users] Strange problem with KeePass 2.39.1

Thomas Szteliga ts at websafe.pl
Fri Jun 15 07:44:59 UTC 2018

W dniu 15/06/2018 o 07:52, Shrivats pisze:
> That may be true only if you download the binary release. But in the 
> SlackBuild, we use the Source release and I don't include 
> KeePass.config.xml in the package at all.
> There are a couple things you can do as an user, if you don't prefer 
> keeping the config xml globally:
> * Pass the path to your local configuration file through the command line 
> argument: '-cfg-local:' and override defaults.
> * Keep your local configuration file in `~/.config/KeePass`
> I'll think about including this file for global configuration (In the 
> source, it's `true` by default)

Hello Shrivats,

I did not use another binary, I used the source tarball
provided in the .nfo file.

I did some digging and now everything is clear, but I guess you'll
need to somehow embed the XML in the Slackbuild.

I tested this now, normally there is no
after installation and normal usage, but if
a user with write access to `/usr/lib/KeePass/Release/`
runs KeePass once (for instance root) then this file is being
created there (`/usr/lib/KeePass/Release/KeePass.config.xml`)
and it has the problematic PreferUserConfiguration set to false
and from this moment on KeePass will ignore all congiguration
changes made by other users.

Just give it a try and run KeePass as root once and then
check if `/usr/lib/KeePass/Release/KeePass.config.xml`
and if you're able save any configuration changes
as a normal user.

Best regards

Thomas Szteliga

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