[Slackbuilds-users] planetblupi md5sum

Ythogtha yth at ythogtha.org
Sat Jun 23 06:55:49 UTC 2018

> On 6/22/18, Ythogtha <yth at ythogtha.org> wrote:
> >> planetblupi.info says 3c17a0d5c45183cbcd38c84ab060502d but the downloaded
> >> file is 1084ae5e6ab776083fc98c5b3caed3bc.
> >
> > Well, if they make changes to the versioned source tarballs without changing
> > the
> > version, how am I to follow it ?
> Good question, and an annoying problem to have.
> Possibly the RSS feed got updated when it happened?
> https://github.com/blupi-games/planetblupi/releases.atom
> I use releases.atom to let me know when new releases happen, for anything I
> maintain that's on github... but I dunno if it would have helped, for this
> situation.

I do the same, there was no information there.
I guess he thought it was a really minor change, only an option in the build of
the AppImage, not worth having a minor release. So he changed the past.

Well at least MD5SUM helps in tracking those kind of things afterward :)

Arnaud <yth at ythogtha.org>

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