[Slackbuilds-users] This Week's google-earth build ...

Willy Sudiarto Raharjo willysr at slackbuilds.org
Sat Jun 30 23:56:38 UTC 2018

> As you warn in the google-earth/README, google has already bumped
> google-earth x86_64 from version to version
> As expected, the md5sum has changed to:
>    MD5SUM_x86_64="dfe64217ba89d302108e0d124da61908"
> And the VERSION line in google-earth.SlackBuild is now:
> I did a manual download and edited the two files and built and installed
> google-earth-
> These are the particulars for my box from the about dialog after the update:
>    Google Earth Pro: (64-bit)
>    Build Date:              Friday, June 22, 2018 10:18:59 AM UTC
>    Renderer:                OpenGL
>    Operating System:        Linux (
>    Graphics Driver:         NVIDIA Corporation
>    Maximum Texture Size:    16384×16384
>    Available Video Memory:  6144 MB
>    Server:                  kh.google.com <http://kh.google.com>
> I can send diffs for the google-earth.SlackBuild and google-earth.info
> <http://google-earth.info> if you like but all I had to do was change
> the VERSION and MD5SUM_x86_64 in the two SlackBuild files.
> Thanks for ALL your Packages and all you do for Slackware !

Thanks, an update has been pushed to my branch

Willy Sudiarto Raharjo

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