[Slackbuilds-users] Plex version too old

David Spencer idlemoor at slackbuilds.org
Fri May 4 15:46:53 UTC 2018

> Having tried that a few times in the past, I think that approach all too
> often will amount to wasting two weeks. On this basis, and as a matter
> of principle, I would have thought that a conscientious maintainer ought
> to keep track of this forum precisely for this kind of issues. In fact,
> it seems to be the case that such maintainers already do so. 
> To put it in a nutshell, don't you think that one of the duties of a
> package maintainer ought to be to keep track of this forum?

I'll be very pissed off if I'm no longer allowed to take two weeks
holiday, or sick, just to please impatient and lazy users.


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