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Ythogtha yth at ythogtha.org
Fri May 4 21:11:11 UTC 2018

> > > Fair enough. Now make sure to enter the gist of this in the Slackbuilds
> > > home
> > > page, in a big font, so nobody will be led to think that packages are
> > > properly maintained throughout.

But they are, properly maintained...

> > it's not that finding a limited number of not maintained SlackBuilds
> > means that all of 7000 of them are unmaintained: just calculate the
> > percentage and you can see they are a very small part.
> The fact still remains that poorly maintained packages exist. Why not say
> so, if it is true?

Because, maybe, it is not relevant?

What IS SBo ?

It is a collection of scripts that are allowing you, or anybody, to compile and
build a (awful big) lot of softwares, more easily than starting from scratch.

It simply turns out that this works well enough that some people not directly
related to either Slackware or Sbo, thought they could make things even easier by
providing tools like sbopkg.

But SBo is *only* a tool for bootstraping *your* work on building your own
package ! And most of the time, really really most of the time, you have nothing
else to do than running package.Slackbuild (or "your_favorite_SBo_tool build

This is the Slackware way, not the Redhat or Ubuntu backed-up by big (or
huge) companies.
This is volunteer work, nobody's being paid here, and the whole SBo project
isn't even part of Slackware ! Though patrick acknowledged it's quality by
officially endorsing it, which means only that he thinks we're doing a job worth
of being noticed, and worth of the Slackware philosophy.

If people want to be simple users, and not handle the work that comes with
slackbuilding your own packages, there are very good binary repositories out
there, with which you don't have anything to do.
That is the way of the people who don't want to handle messy stuff.

For example :

Arnaud <yth at ythogtha.org>

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