[Slackbuilds-users] Conflicting symlink

Didier Spaier didier at slint.fr
Thu Nov 8 22:21:37 UTC 2018


installing tidy-html5 makes these symlinks (64-bit here):
( cd usr/lib64 ; rm -rf libtidy.so )
( cd usr/lib64 ; ln -sf libtidy.so.5 libtidy.so )
( cd usr/lib64 ; rm -rf libtidy.so.5 )
( cd usr/lib64 ; ln -sf libtidy.so.5.6.0 libtidy.so.5 )

But from kdewebdev (genuine Slackware package):
( cd usr/lib64 ; rm -rf libtidy.so )
( cd usr/lib64 ; ln -sf libtidy-0.99.so.0.0.0 libtidy.so )
( cd usr/lib64 ; rm -rf libtidy-0.99.so.0 )
( cd usr/lib64 ; ln -sf libtidy-0.99.so.0.0.0 libtidy-0.99.so.0 )

I came across this removing tidy-html5, reading this message:
libtidy.so found in another package

The SlackBuild renames the binary to avoid a conflict, but there is another one.

What to do in such a case?

Best regards

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