[Slackbuilds-users] SlackBuild sumission doesn't work with ProtonMail

Donald Cooley chytraeu at sdf.org
Fri Nov 9 13:52:34 UTC 2018

On November 8, 2018 10:49:57 PM CST, Igor Titarenko via SlackBuilds-users <slackbuilds-users at slackbuilds.org> wrote:
>I'm trying to submit two SlackBuilds using form
>I use my ProtonMail address for "Your E-Mail" field.
>When I click "Submit", I get redirected to another page with the
>following message on it:
>"<your e-mail> was rejected by mail.protonmail.ch.
>Go back and enter a valid E-Mail address.
>If your mailserver uses Greylisting you may want to Whitelist
>slackbuilds-users at slackbuilds.org."
>ProtonMail support says, that they don't block anything and issue
>should be related to the website in question.

I have the same issue. I use my Gmail account as a work around
Sent from my Android device with K-9 Mail. Please excuse my brevity.

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