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Luiz Carlos Ramos lramos.prof at yahoo.com.br
Sat Nov 10 15:26:10 UTC 2018


I think I misunderstood something in the discussion. Please help me to
understand where the discussion is now. I'll try next to summarize all
the arguments advanced in the way I understood them.

The original question was about a missing latexmk utility, which caused
problems in owncloud-client build process.

Then the questions were two: (1) whether latexmk was installed in which
package, which should be listed as a dependency; and (2) possibly there
could be another error, which made the SlackBuild flow in my environment
to take a wrong path and make it require latexmk, which could be an
unintended thing that didn't happen in your environment.

If (1) holds, the fix would be to include something either in the info
file and fix the SlackBuild in order to support the compilation without
and optional dependency, or simply include the prerequisite in the info
file as a mandatory dependency.

If (2) holds, I would try to compare my environment with yours in order
to find any clue which could direct me to solving the problem.

In the mean time, and somewhat following (2), I found that running "make
doc-pdf" at a specific directory gives me an error. This can be seen
easily checking the file
/tmp/SBo/owncloudclient-2.4.2/build/doc/latex/Makefile, which in my case
have latexmk defined:

  19 LATEX = latexmk -dvi
  20 PDFLATEX = latexmk -pdf -dvi- -ps-

One simple question would be if these two lines are defined in your
environment. Other simple question would be if "make doc-pdf" runs
without errors. Finally, whose package does latexmk belong to?

On Sat, Nov 10, 2018 at 02:14:07PM +0100, Didier Spaier wrote:
> A look at doc/{CMakeLists.txt,Makefile} answers that.
> For the pdf target, rst2pdf can process all .rst files but the
> glossary and the index. Those two could probably be easily fixed.

In my environment, rst2pdf is not available. Possibly it is linked to
some SBo. Furthermore, rst2man.py and friends belong to docutils, which
in this sense is a dependency.

> I tested this way:
> cd doc
> for i in *.rst; do rst2pdf -o ${i%.rst}.pdf $i ; done
> atril *pdf &

Let me understand your suggestion: we would change the SlackBuild script
to use rst2pdf and friends to build the documentation directly from the
"doc" subdirectory instead of the current "make doc", is it correct? This
would be in order to avoid a dependency, if I understood correctly (but
it might introduce another one, as pointed above).



> Best regards,
> Didier
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