[Slackbuilds-users] Drop package (riot-web)

David O'Shaughnessy lists at osh.id.au
Tue Nov 20 03:13:00 UTC 2018

Hi Linus, nice one, thanks. For your first submission just use the webform:


and include in the notes that you're taking over as the new maintainer.
After that you can probably use git instead, or keep using the webform
if you prefer that. The current release is 0.17.6 (which I've not yet
tested). The SlackBuild just repackages the .deb released by upstream,
and for downloading updates and checking keys etc I used apt-mirror
(available on SBo) with the following added to the config in

> # riot
> deb https://riot.im/packages/debian/ xenial main
> deb [arch=amd64] https://riot.im/packages/debian/ xenial main

After that, running apt-mirror will pull the latest upstream releases,
but you can do things your own way. Beware though, they pull old
releases very quickly, which means you are more or less forced to store
the .deb archives somewhere else (I've been putting them on
slackbuildsdirectlinks, I think speak to Willy to get access set up).

If you want to watch for new releases from Github over RSS/Atom, you can
use this URL:



On 11/19/18 5:21 PM, psychi wrote:
> Hi Dave,
> I'd like to take over it.
> I have not register an account on Sbo.org yet.
> And what is the procedure of taking over for the Slackbuild, BTW?
> Cheers
> Linus
> On Mon, 19 Nov 2018 at 04:44, David O'Shaughnessy <lists at osh.id.au
> <mailto:lists at osh.id.au>> wrote:
>     Hi, I'd like to drop riot-web from the repo (unless someone else wants
>     to take over for it). There's some weird bug in the 0.17.0 branch which
>     stops the program from loading under some strange conditions (and which
>     didn't turn up on my system until just recently), and I don't really
>     have time for it.
>     --
>     Dave
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