[Slackbuilds-users] Compiz-reloaded 8.16

Didier Spaier didier at slint.fr
Mon Nov 26 13:12:35 UTC 2018


compiz-reloaded 8.16 has been released.
Mirrors on git (should be in sync):

Tarballs of the most recent releases:

This release brings enhancements, esp. for people with a low vision.

I have installed it, and enabled these features through the CCSM as
well as Mate integration and basic windows management.

You can get that out of the box, just installing the attached file

Alternatively, when building compiz-core yiu can give the list of
enabled plugins as a comma separated list an argument of the
--with-default-plugins= configure option.

If you installed Mate, you could also install there the attached file

Of course you still can tune your configuration with the CCSM and
follow 5) on:

As an example of feature for people with a low vision, while in a
terminal or text editor, you can zoom (hold <Meta> aka <Windows> and
mouse wheel up aka <Button 4>). Then the cursor will stay on the middle
of the screen when moving it left or right and when typing, the display
moving accordingly.


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as_active_plugins = core;addhelper;decoration;colorfilter;resize;neg;glib;mousepoll;matecompat;obs;move;focuspoll;showmouse;ezoom;switcher;

as_initiate = <Super>o

as_toggle_key = <Shift><Super>o

s0_follow_focus = true

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backend = ini
profile = 
integration = true
plugin_list_autosort = true

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