[Slackbuilds-users] several builds crashing looking for old libwebp

David Melik dchmelik at gmail.com
Tue Oct 2 09:19:02 UTC 2018

NotepadQQ and KVIRC (though newly compiled) both immediately crash for 
not finding libwebp.so.6.  Well, that file is now at libwebp.so.7.0.2.  
King Beowulf told me (when I finally had to upgrade libwebp for BOINC 
instead of keeping an old one) this behaviour means libwebp is a runtime 
dependency (the SlackBuild maintainers must become aware of) and to link 
libwebp.so.6 to libwebp (which of course itself is a link to the 
7.0.2.)  I did that, then both worked.  Previously the NotepadQQ 
maintainer said recompile/upgrade libwebp, then NotepadQQ... same thing 
happened. Well, the problem appears to be poor source code in both 
NotepadQQ and KVIRC (most likely) and/or SlackBuilds done wrong... or 
maybe the libwebp maintainer should become aware that some programs try 
to use a specific old version for some reason, and make a link in the 

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