[Slackbuilds-users] Another build error: glabels

David Spencer idlemoor at slackbuilds.org
Thu Oct 4 13:24:29 UTC 2018

>   The issue seems to be the newness of the hardware, most likely the CPU;

That is true *only* with your OpenBLAS build. You have found a really
good solution, thank you, I'm sure this will be helpful for other people.

>   AlienBOB wrote that he, too, has a Ryzen CPU in a desktop and experienced
> some failure issues just running. He fixed that by uupgrading the 14.2's
> kernel to one in the 4.14 series.

The failure issues with Ryzen CPUs were random segfaults and lockups,
*not* repeatable build failures when building specific packages.

The solutions for those random segfaults and lockups are
- upgrade your motherboard's bios
- in your bios, disable C6 power saving
  see https://www.google.com/search?q=ryzen+c6+bug
- use a newer kernel

But that *won't* fix your glabels and Fontforge build problems.

Your glabels and Fontforge problems seem to have a single common cause

>   In order to build GnuCash I need goffice/goffice8, and neither will build
> on this new box.

-- and probably the same with goffice too, although you haven't shared a
build log yet.

It looks to me like maybe a problem with your glib2 package.
What version of glib2 do you have installed?
Have you upgraded some Gnome libraries?
Is your glib2 compat32 package the same version as your main glib2 package?

I'm wondering if, for example, you might have installed the -current
version of multilib onto your 14.2 Slackware 64 system.

Maybe it would be worth doing 'removepkg glib2-compat32' and then trying
those builds again.

> Unless Those Who Know tell me not to upgrade to -current

Do not upgrade to -current.  Upgrading to -current is the quickest known
way of creating a lot of build failures that nobody has ever seen before
and that nobody can fix.


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