[Slackbuilds-users] nexcloud-server 14.0.0 requires php 7

David Spencer idlemoor at slackbuilds.org
Sat Oct 20 22:24:46 UTC 2018

> Hi,
> nextcloud-server 14.0.0 requires php 7, and thus will not work on
> slackware 14.2 (will work on -current however).
> The following message is displayed when visiting the page of a nextcloud
> 14.0.0 installation:
>   This version of Nextcloud requires at least PHP 7.0
>   You are currently running 5.6.37. Please update your PHP version.
> Seems that the update to version 14 will need to be reverted back to 13
> (13.0.7 is the latest and still supported).

HI Jason, thanks for spotting that, and sorry for my cockup, and sorry
for the late reply :(

I've been working on a php7.2 SlackBuild for SBo/14.2, but it's going to
miss this week's public update, sorry :(

Thanks again and sorry again

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