[Slackbuilds-users] zathura, texlive, and synctex

B Watson yalhcru at gmail.com
Sun Sep 9 21:31:50 UTC 2018

This is a call for volunteers to test something: I've just pushed a
patched zathura that compiles successfully with texlive's synctex support,
but since I have no clue how to use synctex, have never touched tex in
my life, I don't know how to test it & make sure it works the way it's
supposed to.

So would someone mind trying it out? It's in SBo git in a branch
called "user/urchlay/zathura-synctex-bodge". If you'd rather not
use git, here's a tarball you can download instead:


For testing, you should have texlive installed (meaning you would have
removed Slackware's own tetex and related packages). Download the zathura
source and run its SlackBuild as usual. zathura will auto-detect the
presence of synctex so there's no special option to set.

Install the resulting zathura package and see if the synctex stuff works
properly. I only vaguely understand what it's supposed to even do,
and the descriptions I've read assume the reader already is familiar
with tex, so I'm turning this over to the experts in the community.

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