[Slackbuilds-users] Building LibreOffice.

Arnaud yth at ythogtha.org
Fri Sep 21 13:16:25 UTC 2018

Hello everybody,

	I regularly have trouble building LibreOffice, forced to retry it
several times before, at last, getting it right.
	Be it on my regular computer full of additional SBo packages (791 today,
yuk... What do I do with all that stuff ?) or on a clean up-to-date and fully
patched 14.2, with only the freshly built dependencies of LibreOffice added.
	Be it with Oracle's JDK, openjdk 7 or 8, no JAVA at all, or even
AlienBob's openjdk binary package.
	Or wether I'm using single jobs building or the full power of my
dual-threaded quad-core with 9 jobs !

	The build fails always at the same place, involving the file
libreoffice-*/solenv/gbuild/Gallery.mk and the building of Gallery/Arrows - but
other files will fail, if there are multiple jobs, Arrows is only the first one
on a single job build, because, well, alphabet I guess.

	Today I found a reproducible way of managing the build to complete.
The README says :
> Some people have experienced difficulties building LibreOffice while a
> previoius version is still installed. It is therefore recommended that any
> previous version is removed while building LibreOffice.

	Well, I experience difficulties building LibreOffice while NO other
version of LibreOffice is installed.
	As it turns out, the building of those Gallery/Things are using a tool
named "gengal", which is part of LibreOffice at
	It looks like some sort of bug in the build process, it seems the build
should generate this tool (which it might very well do), before trying to use
it, but fails to use it for some reason - can't find where it was built, or
fails to use it, or builds it _after_ trying to use it ?

	Anyway, I can't build LibreOffice without LibreOffice installed, and I
have the presumptuousness to think I might not be alone there.
Hence I propose that we amend the README for it to state that :
"Some people have experienced difficulties building LibreOffice while a
 previous version is still installed, and other people while none are installed.
 It is therefore recommended that any previous version is removed, or that a
 previous version of LibreOffice is installed, while building LibreOffice."

Which should sound as much funny as it might be useful...

Have a nice day :)

Arnaud <yth at ythogtha.org>

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