[Slackbuilds-users] A few scripts up for grab.

Lenard Spencer lspencer31 at cfl.rr.com
Fri Sep 28 19:15:14 UTC 2018

I'll take qrencode.
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	Following the previous messages about warzone2100, I contacted both
Matthew and David Fillpot. Matthew answered for them both, and agrees to put all
of their scripts up for grabs, I quote :
> Yes, please notify the mailing list that the scripts for both maintainers
> are up for grabs.
	Though he is also ok to resume his work as maintainer, in about a
month, for anything that remains. It seems he has a bit more time at the moment.
	So those scripts doesn't require a new maintainer, but if you want to
take care of them, they are available !

Most of their scripts are for abandonwares, here they are, classified by
maintenance level :
 * Nothing to do, mostly abandoned projects
academic/mathomatic : up-to-date, last upstream update 2012/10/30
desktop/kcometen4   : up-to-date, last upstream update 2010/07/30
system/freefont     : up-to-date, last upstream update 2012/05/03
games/lightyears    : up-to-date, last upstream update 2011/09/27
games/tuxkart       : up-to-date, last upstream update unknown but >5 years old
libraries/GLee      : up-to-date, last upstream update unknown but >5 years old
libraries/quesoglc  : up-to-date, last upstream update 2013/08/23
 * active projects but SBo package is 5 years old
academic/gpredict : SBo version 1.3,   upstream version 2.2.1
network/axel      : Sbo version 2.4,   upstream version 2.16.1
graphics/qrencode : Sbo version 3.4.0, upstream version 4.0.2
games/pysolfc     : SBo version 2.0,   upstream version 2.4.0
system/yakuake    : SBo version 2.9.9, upstream version 3.0.5

	And I'm ok taking ownership of warzone2100, having already done the
update work on it.

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