[Slackbuilds-users] Jack policy

Willy Sudiarto Raharjo willysr at slackbuilds.org
Sat Dec 14 14:09:35 UTC 2019

>>> The previous posts showed that there is no better or discontinued jack,
>>> to make a dependeing build work both seem to do the job.
>>> For now, i'll change my builds to jack-audio-connection-kit, maybe the
>>> last two other builds from other maintainer follow.
>> I'm the maintainer of both jack builds, I've been going through my (and
>> some other peoples') builds that depend on jack-audio-connection-kit
>> and checking them with jack2 instead.
>> Here's my idea of what to do: in the READMEs for both
>> jack-audio-connection-kit and jack2, put a prominent notice that
>> says something like "Note: jack2 is a direct drop-in replacement for
>> jack-audio-connection-kit", and a short explanation of the differences.
>> Since there's no || operator in REQUIRES (and there probably
>> never will be), users will have to learn that any time they see
>> jack-audio-connection-kit as a dependency, jack2 can be used instead.
>> It's not ideal, but it would be way more confusing for some builds
>> to list jack-audio-connection-kit and others to list jack2 (literal
>> following of the deps would mean they'd be mutually exclusive, when
>> they're actually not).
>> Willy, and other reviewers, can I ask you guys to *not* put jack2 in
>> REQUIRES? For consistency, if you have to add one of the jacks as a dep,
>> add jack-audio-connection-kit. Anyone who's paying attention and reading
>> the READMEs will see that they could use jack2 instead...  and anyone
>> NOT paying attention will end up with the older JACK, but at least it
>> will work.

> I agree that consistency is better than inconsistency.
> However, I don't agree that jack-audio-connection-kit should be the implied 
> default.
> Why not just put the %README% flag and not list JACK at all in REQUIRES? That 
> way, people are prompted to make their own decision.
> I don't use any kind of dependency resolution parser, so I don't know how that 
> would affect automated dependency tools, but I assume when they encounter a 
> %README% flag they throw up a notice to the user. Besides, we make it clear 
> that SBo doesn't support auto dependency resolvers anyway (and as I recall 
> REQUIRES in .info was us throwing a bone to such tools in the first place, so 
> we shouldn't feel like we have to make decisions based on their ability to 
> remove decisions from the user). 

That won't do as either jack2 or jack-audio-connection-kit is a BUILD
dependency, so one of them must be listed explicitely. The same
situation with jdk and openjdk.

making a note in README is really helpful, but by default, all first
level dependencies should be listed in REQUIRES section.

Willy Sudiarto Raharjo

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