[Slackbuilds-users] users and groups

Marcelo Caballero Marcelo.Caballero at protonmail.com
Sat Dec 28 03:05:22 UTC 2019

> First, let's assume that "appsomething" needs an "appsomething"
> user and group at build time.
> The only way to successfully build it is to create the user and
> group prior to the build process. The resulting package, in that
> case, will have directories and/or files owned by the "appsomething"
> user and/or group, AND/OR some executable in the resulting package
> will run as "appsomething" user or group and/or drop privileges
> to that user/group after executing, or something alone those lines.
> The above is essentially why we require the user/group to be
> in place before running the build script.
> We are aware that in many cases, the initial assumption is not
> true - perhaps there are no "appsomething" user/group owned files
> in the resulting package, and there's technically no reason to
> require the user/group during build time. That's fine, but there's
> no harm in creating it. Either way, you now have a package of
> "appsomething" that you can install on the build machine, or if
> you're like many users, you can copy is to a package storage and
> install it on one or more other machines. For those other machines,
> the advice to make sure the user/group is present before installation
> is correct - for exactly the reason mentioned above about the
> possibility of "appsomething" owned directories/files in the package.
> -RW

This covers all of my questions and concerns!
Thank you very much Mr. Workman and happy new year to everybody.

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