[Slackbuilds-users] Newsbeuter and Newsboat

Donald Cooley chytraeu at sdf.org
Thu Jan 3 01:42:06 UTC 2019

On 1/2/19 12:01 PM, Benjamin Trigona-Harany wrote:
> On 2019-01-01 9:04 p.m., Donald Cooley wrote:
>> On 1/1/19 10:24 PM, Benjamin Trigona-Harany wrote:
>>> Which leads me to my question: does anyone want to take over as the
>>> Newsboat
>>> maintainer? Apply only if you are actually planning to version bump
>>> the script
>>> to the latest release with full Rust support. Simply making yourself
>>> maintainer of the existing 2.13 won't cut it; you become maintainer
>>> with 2.14
>>> or not at all :)
>> I'll take it over if that's alright
> It's yours with the update to 2.14!

Sorry, after taking a hard look at this I'm not that much of a
masochist. Someone else can have this.

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