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Andrew Clemons aclemons at runbox.no
Thu Jan 3 19:11:52 UTC 2019

On 2019-01-03 10:47:21 -0800, slackbuilds at jaxartes.net wrote:
> Awesome, thanks Andrew.
> Since you are "the Rust guy" for SlackBuilds, what are your thoughts about
> adding individual crates as SlackBuilds to make script writing easier? I see
> a lot of the same dependencies showing up in many Rust-based scripts, but
> I'm not familiar enough with the Rust ecosystem to know whether this is a
> good idea (e.g. would the requirements for specific crate versions be an
> issue across different SlackBuilds?).

I'm no rust expert, but as far as I can tell, this will not work because
of the way rust binaries are built. I don't know of a way to actually
build a crate and then link to it instead of just building it into the
binary cargo is currently building. I'm fairly certain the rust devs
have talked about this, but I don't think anything has been implemented
yet. Other builds (debian, fedora, arch, bsds, etc) all seem to be
building against the crate sources too.

The "best" solution is probably to use cargo-vendor which is also on
slackbuilds.org to create a tarball of all exploded crates needed to
build a package and use this instead of having all the individual crates
listed in the info file and messing about with manually generating the
checksums. I have not done this with any of my slackbuilds for a couple
of reasons. One because I would then have to worry about hosting them
somewhere and adding new ones for each new version. Secondly, there is
no need for a user building the slackbuilds to implicitly trust that I
have done the right thing if the crates are downloaded directly from
crates.io and the slackbuild itself does everything. It does mean a huge
list of files to download, but this isn't something most people would
manually do anyway. The build times here also do not differ.

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