[Slackbuilds-users] python-django and legacy version

Jason Graham jgraham at compukix.net
Mon Jan 21 02:40:27 UTC 2019


All of the 1.x versions of django have been EOL'd, except for version 
1.11 which will receive support until 2020 and will be the last of the 
1.x series. The 2.x versions are the latest going forward.

The current SBo django 1.x slackbuilds are:

    python-django 1.10
    python-django-legacy 1.8.17

which are EOL'd. I've contacted the maintainer of python-django about 
updating to the latest 1.11 version and will wait to hear back.

After looking at it, it makes sense to probably roll the two current 1.x 
versions into a single slackbuild, i.e., python-django-legacy.

We have python3-django which is at 2.1.5 (only supports python 3). 
django 1.11 supports python 2 and 3, so I'm proposing slackbuilds for

    python-django-legacy 1.11.18
    python3-django-legacy 1.11.18

in place of the current python-django and python-django-legacy ones. 
Each of the current slackbuilds have different maintainers, so I'm not 
sure of the best way to proceed.

Any thoughts?


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