[Slackbuilds-users] ZoneMinder build fails if ffmpeg is not installed

Daniel Prosser dpross1100 at msn.com
Tue Jan 22 04:46:22 UTC 2019

Thanks Willy. A couple more notes/issues/fixes for this new version:

1. By default, ZoneMinder now saves events as mp4 videos instead of
frames. For this to work, x264 and libmp4v2 must be installed prior to
building. It's still possible to just use image frames as before, but I
think x264 and libmp4v2 need to be at least optional dependencies.
Personally, I think they should be required, as otherwise the user will
have to switch to saving image frames only.

2. Even with x264 and libmp4v2 installed, ZoneMinder was still unable to
save videos for me. I had to apply the attached patch for it to work.
I'm not really sure why that's the case, since I didn't find any other
reports of it not working as is. GenoBob, perhaps you and/or any other
Slackware ZoneMinder users can report whether it works for you (and add
this patch to the SlackBuild if appropriate)?

3. This version stores events and other data in ZM_CONTENTDIR, which
defaults to /var/lib/zoneminder. However, the SlackBuild script doesn't
create this directory, so there are initially errors when running until
the user manually creates it. (It needs to be owned by apache:apache). I
recommend having the SlackBuild script create this directory as part of the
package, and make it a build option so it can be changed at build time.

Don't take these comments as a criticism. I am really grateful for the
script and I'm glad that it's basically working for me now. I was actually
procrastinating upgrading to 1.32.x because of all the changes. I just
want to help make the installation process as smooth as possible for


On Mon, Jan 21, 2019 at 06:56:13AM +0700, Willy Sudiarto Raharjo wrote:
> > ffmpeg is listed as an optional dependency for ZoneMinder, but in a
> > clean Slackware64-14.2 container, if ffmpeg isn't installed, I get the
> > attached errors. Should ffmpeg be listed as a required dependency now?
> Thanks Dan
> I have added ffmpeg into the REQUIRES line now
> Thanks
> -- 
> Willy Sudiarto Raharjo

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