[Slackbuilds-users] dosbox-dev-0.74.r4180: missing source tarball

Arnaud yth at ythogtha.org
Sat Jan 26 15:50:54 UTC 2019

> Hi,
> I was trying to update dosbox-dev to the latest version, but I'm getting 
> 404 error when trying to download the source tarball listed in the .info 
> file: 
> https://sourceforge.net/projects/slackbuildsdirectlinks/files/dosbox/dosbox-dev-0.74.r4180.tar.xz. 
> Looks like the tarballs for all the previous versions are preseent, but 
> the most recent one is missing.
> I'm not sure who is responsible for uploading these tarballs to 
> slackbuildsdirectlinks on Sourceforge, so I'm posting to the list. Also 
> CC the maintainer.
> Regards,
> Dominik Drobek

Well, that would be my mistake, for which I apologise, and I corrected it by
uploading the file in its rightful place.

I've also updated it for revision 4184, I've tested and submitted it just now,
and the source tarball is available on slackbuildsdirectlinks alongside r4180.

Sorry :)
Arnaud <yth at ythogtha.org>

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