[Slackbuilds-users] grace-5.1.23: locale warning

Judah Milgram milgram at cgpp.com
Tue Jul 9 03:21:44 UTC 2019

I realize now this wasn't an entirely appropriate question for this list.

But since I have an answer, I'll share it:

A misguided slackpkg foray into slackware-current on a slack-14.2 system 
left me with a number of glibc-2.29 (slack-current) library files in 
/lib64 despite having removed the packages and reinstalled the 
glibc-2.23 (slack-14.2) packages. ldconfig made sure things were 
pointing to the 2.29 versions.

Solution: remove the 2.29 files one by one, by hand. /sbin/ldconfig 
after each one. I could feel the system sneeze when I got to the libc 
and ld.so links, but it all worked.

Recompiled grace (thank you SBo) and everything's fine. Other locale 
warnings disappear as well.

Moral: slack-current not for upgrading numbered versions. I guess. Not 
sure why I thought that would be a good idea.


Sun Apr 7 13:36:08 UTC 2019:

 > Starting after a recent upgrade (Slack 14.2/64) I'm getting
 > Warning: locale not supported by C library, locale unchanged
 > when running xmgrace 5.1.23.  Built with the Slackbuild script (thank 
 > you!)
 > Anyone else seeing this?
 > Setting LC_ALL=C gets rid of it and ignoring it works too. But if
 > there's something to be fixed, I'd rather do that.
 > Unfortunately I upgraded a dozen or more packages at once (using
 > slackpkg upgrade-all) so couldn't say what's triggering this.
 > thanks for any pointers!
 > Judah

Judah Milgram
milgram at cgpp.com

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