[Slackbuilds-users] New maintainer or remove from SBo

burro-net <jens@tuxane.com> jens at tuxane.com
Mon Mar 25 08:32:12 UTC 2019


I still maintain these two slack-build scripts:



I would like to hand them over to somebody, but I guess the admins
should decide if it's worth keeping them at all.

- desktop/quadkonsole4: it's QT4 only and not maintained from it's
author for ages. And QT4 is obsolete .

- system/unetbootin: Does someone use it still ? It has a quite fast
development progress, so it should be kept updated on a regularly basis
to be useful
( what I can' t assure at the moment) .
So in times of dd, Etcher and image writers for embedded, I think it
only makes sense to keep it on SBo, if s.o really needs it and is able
to keep up with the sources .


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