[Slackbuilds-users] Jack policy

Christoph Willing chris.willing at linux.com
Mon Nov 25 08:27:59 UTC 2019

On 25/11/19 5:50 pm, Felix Pfeifer wrote:
>> Personally, I find changing things to jack-audio-connection-kit from jack2 is
>> a regression, and I'd recommend going the other way.  I don't know the reasons
>> that people stick to the now very old version.
>> I've been running jack2 for several years and had no problems with it, or had
>> to downgrade to the older jack.  It's also what all the apps on Studioware
>> use, and there haven't been any problems reported about it.
>> This is just my 2 pennies though, speaking as an everyday jack user.
> Is jack2 supporting ALSA-MIDI?
> For my builds it would be OK to switch to jack2
> as long as it supports ALSA-MIDI which I use
> to connect to my hardware. Also pd comes with
> support for ALSA-MIDI.

For a detailed list of differences & pros/cons, see:


SMP capability in jack2 seems attractive but see info in that linked
page about why that is not necessarily such a big deal.

The detailed feature differences table mentions that jack1 has builtin
support for multiple sound cards (not in jack2).

Also jack2 doesn't support Linux MIDI, according to that table.

In other comments on that page, it says:
    "... current plan is to implement all Jack1 features into Jack 2 ..."
which suggests (to me) that jack2 is still missing some features from jack1.

However, jack2 supports DBUS & PulseAudio - not necessarily a plus for
some people - for which jack1 requires patching to enable.

Maybe those differences have been resolved since then - version 0.121.3
for jack1 and 1.9.10 for jack2. We're now at 0.125.0 for jack1 and
1.9.12 for jack2.


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