[Slackbuilds-users] libffado on current UNSUPPORTED SBo git repository

Kevin McCormick kev4321 at fastmail.fm
Tue Apr 21 14:26:41 UTC 2020

I am trying to rebuild ffmpeg 4.2.2 with new dependencies.  Honestly, I
really don't know much about ffmpeg except that it probably should have
x264, aac, and other common libraries.  So, I try to enable everything,
based on the --current ffmpeg-4.2.2 slackbuild, with source from --current.

Using a sbopkg file,   libffado seems to fail.  Also, I thought it was a
dependency for jack, but it looks for jack at the beginning.

  MD5SUM check for libffado-2.4.1.tgz ... OK
  Error occurred with build.  Please check the log.

* Usage of additional flags is not supported by the ffado-devs.
 * Use at own risk!
 * Flags in use:
 *   CC = gcc
 *   CXX = g++
 *   CFLAGS = -O2 -fPIC
 *   CXXFLAGS = -O2 -fPIC -std=gnu++11 -Wno-deprecated-declarations
 *   LDFLAGS =

Checking for a working C-compiler yes
Checking for a working C++-compiler yes
Checking for pkg-config (at least version 0.0.0)... yes
Checking for libxml++-3.0... no
Checking for jack... no
Checking jackd version...not installed

No Jack Audio Connection Kit (JACK) installed: assuming a FFADO
setbuffersize-compatible version will be used.

Checking for libraw1394 (2.0.5 or higher)...    yes
Checking for libiec61883 (1.1.0 or higher)...   yes
Checking for libconfig++ (0 or higher)...       yes
Checking for libxml++-2.6 (2.13.0 or higher)...         yes
Checking for libxml++-2.6 >= 2.39.1... yes
Checking for libxml++-3.0 >= 3.0.0... no
Checking for lrint(3.2) in C library m... yes
Checking for lrintf(3.2) in C library m... yes
Checking whether 'which pyuic4' executes yes
Checking for the python module 'PyQt4' yes
Checking for the python module 'dbus.mainloop.qt' yes
Checking whether 'xdg-desktop-menu --help' executes yes
Checking whether 'xdg-icon-resource --help' executes yes
Checking for alsa (0 or higher)...      yes
Checking for dbus-1 (1.0 or higher)...  yes
Checking for dbus-c++-1 (0 or higher)...        yes
Checking whether 'which dbusxx-xml2cpp' executes yes
Checking for variable session_bus_services_dir in package dbus-1...     yes
Trying to find the system triple: (cached) yes
TypeError: must be str or None, not bytes:
  File "/tmp/SBo/libffado-2.4.1/SConstruct", line 822:
    m32 = is_userspace_32bit(cpuinfo)
  File "/tmp/SBo/libffado-2.4.1/SConstruct", line 722:
    for line in x.split(b'\n'):

Would you like to continue processing the rest of the
queue or would you like to abort?  If this failed
package is a dependency of another package in the queue
then it may not make sense to continue.

(Y)es to continue, (N)o to abort, (R)etry the build?: N

Using the UNSUPPORTED SBo git repository for -current
Queue Process:  Download, build, and install


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